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Our Doulas


Alana Ludington

Full Spectrum Doula

Families Supported: 60+


Emma Mutch

Full Spectrum Doula

Families Supported: 60+

I am a full spectrum doula, offering human to human support to people moving through the various shades of the reproductive spectrum; pregnancy, birth, miscarriage, abortion and postpartum. I would describe my practice as empathetic, clear, informed, intuitive and passionate. Through this work, I meet people where they are at and seek to support them in a holistic way that is unique to who they are and shaped to what they need.

Supporting people and families moving through transformational times has long been my calling. My practice is informed by my training and years of experience as a social worker as well as my own reproductive experiences.

My core values are inclusivity of all people, bodies and families, accessible service, and non-judgemental support and care. I am committed to my participation in the world of birth supporting dismantling systems of oppression. I do this by providing some services without charge, offering sliding scale pricing available to lower-income, BIPOC and/or LGTBQ2S+ folks, and through allocating a percentage of annual earnings to local initiatives supporting the reproductive and parental healthcare of BIPOC people and families.

It is such an honour to be invited into people’s transformational birth experiences. I am continuously blown away and inspired by people’s strength, resilience, softness and power as they move through the reproductive spectrum. 


  • Bachelor of Social Work

  • MotherWit Postpartum Doula Training

  • Safe Beginnings CPR-C with AED Certification

  • Wise Woman Way of Birth—Doula Training

  • Birth Takes A Village: Miscarriage and Abortion for Doulas

  • Full Spectrum Loss with Molly Dutton-Kenny

  • Registered with BC's Doula Services Association

I have been supporting all sorts of families through a spectrum of reproductive experiences over the past 3 years and it has been an incredible honour. My care is rooted in educating on the physiology and normalcy of birth and postpartum (& other reproductive experiences), advocating for awareness of harm and systemic injustices within the medical system, as well as working closely with families to practice trusting into their intuition and heart-centred decision making. My values lie at the intersection of silly and sacred - I bow down in reverence to the great portal of birth and the transformational journey, and I will also laugh with you through all moments that call for it. I aim to be in flow sate with you during your journey, wherever that may need to lead us. I trust your inner knowing, your golden compass. Your body, your birth.


  • Bachelor of Women & Gender Studies

  • Bebo Mia Full Spectrum Doula Training 2020

  • Wise Woman Way of Birth Training 2021

  • Safe Beginnings CPR-C with AED Certification

  • University of Calgary AHS 20-Hour Breastfeeding Course

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“Theres no words to describe how grateful we are to have had Emma being a part of the birth of our little one. Emma was an amazing support during labour and postpartum as well, she was very in tune of our needs and made us feel empowered and supported when we most needed it. She's thoughtful, knowledgeable, gentle and so supportive. Thank you Emma!”

— Citlali

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"Alana was my doula for my 3rd and final birth. Not having a doula for my first 2 births I didn't know what to expect. From my and Alana's first conversation she made me feel empowered and supported. Without her resources and commitment I know I wouldn't have had the courage to fulfill my dream birth like I did. After two hospital births, I had the unmedicated home birth I wanted. I recommend anyone who's considering having a doula to lean into the idea and open up to the support."

— Lori

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