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Apple Tree IUD Clinic

Physicians and Midwives at Apple Tree Maternity are now inserting Intrauterine Contraception. Also known as IUDs, they are the most effective, reversible, long term form of birth control available in Canada. They are suitable for most people, even if this is your first form of contraception.


Why use an IUD?

The pregnancy rates for people using IUDs are very low, and almost the same as, or better than, getting your tubes tied. IUDs can stay in place for up to 5 years and are a great option for people looking for more long term birth control. If you change your mind and want to become pregnant, an IUD can easily be removed.  Once an IUD is in place you don't need to do anything to make it work.

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What type of IUD to choose?

There are a variety options for IUDs. You can choose between copper-based (non-hormonal) or progesterone-based (hormonal) depending on your preferences, cycle history and cost.

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Emergency Contraception and Copper IUDs

Did you know copper IUDs are the most effective form of emergency Contraception? They are over 99% effective at preventing pregnancies if inserted within 7 days after unprotected or under protected intercourse. 

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To Make an Appointment

Call the office at 250-354-3884 and book an initial consultation to review the type of IUD that is right for you. Or have your family doctor send us a referral. If you are booking for Emergency Contraception, please phone the office as soon as possible.