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How to work with a Doula

We support any families regardless of available financial means. We have funding available to provide doula care to families who cannot otherwise afford to cover the cost.


We offer a transparent Community Payment structure, where families can choose their payment amount relative to their income/financial situation. This payment will be considered a donation so there is a tax receipt available.


We ask that families review our sliding scale descriptions and find a place where they comfortably sit. Doula support generally ranges from $600-$1200 depending on services provided. 

We ask that folks pay the most that they can pay, not the least. We thank you for supporting our ability to continue to keep this program sustainable for everyone. Our hope is that this structure is a step towards community resource sharing, equitable community structures and feel good reciprocity.

We have made this map to guide your self assessment in where you land on the sliding scale. It is common to have some points in multiple sections, but wherever you have the most points, we ask you to pay that amount at minimum.

Payment plans are always available.



If you would like to utilize our programs doula care for your pregnancy with Apple Tree, or have any questions or concerns, please contact with your information.

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